Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog #8

"What the fuck is that!"
Simonic's Eye twitched as he stared unblinking at the soft ball sized pouch on Bianca's upper left back.
"God, chill out Simonic, its just a cyst. do you mind popping it?"
Even though the thought of getting any closer to that giant pussing sac was repulsive to Simonic, something about it was intrensically appealing. He longed to relieve the greenish white cheese from its membraneous prison. Slowly he lifted his finger to test the thickness of the film casing. He pushed. The skin sunk in like a water balloon but didn't bust. With a little more force Simonic's finger penatrated the membrane and sunk into the curdled milky substance. The pressure release from Bianca's back, made a sizzling sound, Bianca gave a sharp yelp fallowed by a euphoric sigh. Greenish yellow liquid leaked out of the pustule and a rank odor filled the air.
Simonic couldn't help himself, he had a deep need to clear pus from the festering pouch on Bianca's back. Simonic stuck his whole hand into her oozing boil and scooped out a handful of infected purulence. Once he got past the initial gooey viscous liquid he reached a layer that resembled moist but chunky feta cheese. Bianca moaned with pain as Simonic excavated the hole in her back.

*** Two minutes later ***

Now exposed to open air most of the larvae slipped deeper into the pulsating muscle. Simonic managed t0 grab one by the tail and pull it out of its tunnel. The larvae proved longer than Simonic expected. He held it up to inspect as a bubble of mucus geysered out of the pit.

***And so on and so forth***

"Cleaning up all that pus, mucus and larvae was terrible."
"Simonic, your a perve dude. I can't believe you did that."
"I know man it was really gross but I couldn't help myself."

Trouble in dreams

Simonic slept on the job.

Simonic and his friend yajeel were suddenly (although it made since to simonic) at the zoo.
They walked around the reptile room and stopped to see a group of rainbow monkeys living symbiotically with a group of snakes. Each monkey had its own snake wrapped loosely around its neck. The function of their relationship was unknown, but the information plaque speculated that it was mutually beneficial.

After sometime in the zoo they decided to rent a hamster for the weekend. "There's nothing like a well trained hamster," Thought Simonic as he carried it out of the zoo.

In the car on the ride home Simonic realized that he couldn't comfort the hamster and drive at the same time, so he passed her carefully to Yajeel. As soon as she left his hand Yajeel dropped her. She scurried around the car and out of sight. "Fuck!" they both shouted in synchronization. Simonic pulled over to the side of the road even though he was almost home.

Simonic strip searched the car. All he found under his creamy pleather seats was two thousand dollars, Most of which was in Chuck E. Cheese tokens. "Honey bunny?" inquired a familiar sounding voice. Simonic's presence shot out his body and observed his encounter with Ms. Kieth -Ott from various different angles.
"What are you doing?"
"Searching for my hamster."
"Hamsters are cute when your friend's have them but after about five minutes when they stink and shit in your hand, you realize that their actually really gross. What I need you to do is replace that flat tire."
Simonic, now back in his body, looked at his left front tire and noticed that it was indeed flat.
"Well what about the hamster, Surely she'll die?"
"Oh she'll be fine, I think. You have bigger fish to fry"
The tire was fixed, and it was time to say good bye.

"Good bye Simonic, just want you to know that this dream represents absolutely nothing in your life, and dont think that the hamster represents your relationships with anybody, and the Chuck E. Cheese tokens do not represent the lack of importance that money holds in your life, and the rainbow monkey definately doesn't mean that you might be skitzo or anything, and the flat tire that I told you to fix absolutely, positively does not symbolize being productive and setting your priorities strait." Said Ms. Kieth-Ott

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Oh, that's so cute." Shakia said.
"fuck that." thought Simonic
"bitch wouldn't know true art if it shat rainbows in her fat fucking face."
Simonic closed his Dell, Thanked Shakia and left the pawn shop. He never knew what to say after showing someone his work, especially to someone he believed incapable of understanding beauty in the way he thought was unique to a small percentage of the population.
"Watershed looks like a giant concrete hive. Then again why do all houses kind of take the same form? Why do we all live in boxes? Our lives pretty much consist of different sized boxes. We wake up in our home boxes that are cooled by our A.C. Box, bathe in our shower boxes and drive to our work boxes in our auto Boxes. Once wer'e in our work boxes we find sub box within that work box, turn on our computer box, until its time to eat then we open up our lunch box and sip juice from a fucking juice box. what the fuck."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two centuries walk along an abandoned rail road in the ruins. Both are
wearing multiple layers of shaggy worn down clothes. Negameth The man the left wears sunglasses with one eye piece missing and walks with a crutch. Dunkst, the one on the right has tin foil wrapped around his black beanie. both are sporting whistles and various shiny objects.
The men are speaking in Runvc, a language who's origin is unknown but sounds like a mix of germanic and latin speech.

Dunkst: ...All i'm saying is the Bestiocrats will not be pleased
Negameth: Are we supposed to sit back and watch the Blind men make a mockery of Yevvna, personally wont stand for it.
Dunkst: Brother, I feel your pain. This vandalism eats away at my soul too. But We must fallow the Runvc code, Violence puts the order at risk.
Negameth: I'm tired of wearing these disguises, Living in secrecy, and being plagued by the
Blind man. They should bow down and worship us...If only they knew...
Dunkst: you walk a dangerous path negameth, What if the Blind men discover the Ravine? What if they wake the grea...
Dunkst looks up in alarm. He hears foliage rustling in the distance.

Dunkst: Wait... What was that?

Both centuries look at each other and synchronically blow their whistles. two hundred yards down, two more whistles are sounded then four hundred then six hundred and so on until Dunkst's alarm reaches the center of the village.

Three days earlier...

Simonic Lays on his roof admiring The brightest star in his view, slowly creep across the night sky. The star flashes red and he realizes he's only looking at a 747 passenger jet. Nothing to get excited about. He listens to his mother and her boy friend conversing in the below him.
Luciel Zindello: Why dont you take some time and try to get to know him?
Hank: That boy's queer as a football bat, we aint' got nothin to talk about.
Luciel: He's my son you asshole!
Hank: c'mon Lucy im tryina watch 'Walker.'
Luciel: ugh...

Simonic tried to run his fingers through his hair but was impeded by the tangley jet black mop. His mother always said "Simonic your hair's got more knots than a cub scout camping trip." He didn't care about his hair. He wasn't dirty, he just felt that anyone who cared enough about his haircut, wasn't worth his time anyways.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Rock Throwers

"The Ruins," was a 12 acre abandoned water works plant, enveloped in a mostly Impenatrable fortress of vines. A massive cult of homeless people lived among this primeval setting. They called them selves, "Runvc Iactum," which most closely translates to "The Rock throwers."
The inhabitants of the "Ruins" were shrouded in mystery and urban legend. The Rock throwers were most likely a band addicts to meth or some other drug, but some people believed them to be an ancient culture forgotten by modern society. Never the less to Simonic and the rest of the town the origin of the "rock throwers" remained a secret.
Many a poor soul was said to have entered "The Ruins" and never come back. The outskirts of the area were relatively safe, kids from town often visited the "Ruins" to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol and enjoy dangerous atmosphere. At night the Rock throwers set up lavish shrines of shiny mostly worthless trinkets and anything that glittered or caught the eye. The "Rock Throwers," were a peaceful people so long as their territory was respected. If anyone so much as looked scornfully at their mounds of "trophies" they would be viciously attacked.
The kids from the town made a sport out of stealing these ornaments and evading assault from the increasingly hostile "Rock throwers."

To be continued...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simonic Luca Zindello

"Simonic, could you grab me those Nintendo's?"
"They're xbox's and yeah, I got em'."

Working at his uncles pawn shop wasn't that bad. The constant mess, the inconsistent pay and random tasks made a repetitive workflow impossible for Simonic. He liked that. He never knew what he was going to do when he came to work. Sometimes he had to organize contact info, but in the same day he might fix up an old sewing machine.
The store always attracted interesting characters. The dregs of society crawled in to admire (rarely buy) the silver trinkets kept in the glass display counter. Mobsters were a dime a dozen in, always bringing in old bubble screen TV's and VCR's.
"Must have switched over to DVD." Stefan would always say.
The pawn shop had a "don't ask don't tell" policy.

Working at his uncles pawn shop wasn't too bad, but Simonic didn't want to inherit the family trade. He wanted to be a video journalist.

Simonic feels his heart beating with savage blood lust as he fallows six blacked out "soldiers."
Each "trooper" dressed in common uniform carried a matte black, Metadyne A-5, a ctr 42 Co2 tank and a kingman fasta 230 ball loader.

Simonic and his friend General anderson.
"General" Anderson is a plumber by day but at night he serves his duty as leader of the Citizens Militia of the People or C.M.P. "the C.M.P. Was formed in 1995 to protect the Citizens of this fair city, from corruption and tryany ." "Tonight's mission... homeless eviction..."

To be continued...